Out with the New and in with the Old


Nike SB stands for Nike Skateboarding, a line of skateboarding sneakers, clothing and accessories under the Nike brand umbrella. Production began for Nike SB’s in 1997 and reached the market officially in 2002 to an underwhelming welcome due to its competitors like Vans and DC.

Hype picked up for Nike SB’s once the branding geared to collaborations with prominent names in the skating and streetwear industry like Diamond, Stussy, Supreme New York and Staple Design. According to Complex Sneakers the Nike Dunk SB Low Pro SB Tiffany by Diamond was the first Nike SB to “drive nearly everyone crazy.” Undeniably close was the massive demand for the Nike Dun SB low Staple “NYC Pigeon”. So much so, that the SWAT team was called to control the riots that broke out over the release of the sneaker according to Jeff Staple, owner of Staple Design.

Common to all sneakerheads, the hunger to collect the Nike SB’s in its different colorways and designs was and still is a must! Who wouldn’t? Especially with the range that Nike put out. Although every collaboration with Nike SB has its own personal touch of material or symbols and either high or low cuts, almost all of the sneakers have the signature padded tongue.

To break down the barrier from skateboarding and enter the hearts (and bank accounts) of the masses as we’ve seen today is groundbreaking.

The demand for Nike SB’s today has proven true as the resale value increased drastically for the Nike SB Dunk Low “Newcastle” after being worn by Travis Scott which was previously placed on clearance. 

Nike SB continue to produce outlandish collaborations, most recently the Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky. Rumored August 2020 releases include the Civilist x Nike SB Dunk Low that is equipped with heat activated patterns when exposed to sunlight.

Nike SB Dunk low Diamond Supply Co. Tiffany Nike SB Dunk low Diamond Supply Co. Tiffany
     Nike SB Dunk Low Ben n Jerry's Chunky Dunky
     Nike SB Dunk Low Staple NYC Pigeon 
      Civilist x Nike SB Dunk Low