Established in 2018, BUNKA has dominated the streetwear market in the Middle East driven by the mission of creating a community space linking culture, streetwear and coffee.

BUNKA’s growth is sky rocketing rapidly however, it's roots are grounded where their head quarters reside in Kuwait. Since it's origins BUNKA has become home to the largest concept store in the Middle East. A hub for the most popular and current brands like Market, Stüssy, HUF, Aries, Fiorucci, John Elliott, Carhartt, C2H4, BALR., Represent, Drole de Monsieur. Although BUNKA was birthed in Kuwait, it’s fan base of loyal customers has allowed for the spread of the store to Galleries Lafayette in Dubai, UAE. It’s not only about streetwear and coffee at BUNKA. Enriching the community is a major part of the ethos. Giving back to local artists and businesses trying to excel is always a priority. Welcome to the ever growing BUNKA family!