A-dam  Underwear Swim Shorts- GEP

A-dam Underwear Swim Shorts- GEP

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Life is cool by the pool. Definitely when you're wearing this A-dam Underwear swim short. Made of 100% recycled polyester, without making concessions regarding comfort or esthetics. Comfortable, durable, strong and soft. With its ton-sur-ton cord with stainless steel stoppers, one button back pocket, classic splits and powerful design this swim short shows an eye for detail. The inner shorts are made of a super fine gauze. So flexible you can't feel it. The swim shorts are made of 8 recycled bottles, of which 30% are cleaned up from the ocean. Furthermore, each A-dam Underwear swim short is delivered in a water repellent travel bag. To keep the rest of your stuff dry after a day of swimming.