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Who We are

Established in September 2018, Bunka is Kuwait's first local streetwear store. Our goal is to bring together a wide range of rare clothing and sneakers from around the world. Bunka is not just about apparel; we have collaborated with various visionaries to promote and shape modern fashion culture. The name Bunka is derived from the Japanese word for culture, reflecting our passion for fashion. Our concept store combines fashion and coffee, creating a community space that connects culture, streetwear, and coffee. We aim to bridge the gap in the ever-changing streetwear culture.

Why Bunka

  • Largest streetwear store in the region
  • Brand awareness
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Large brand portfolio
  • Loyal customer base
  • Extensive network
  • Strong partnerships with external stakeholders
  • Strategic Shop-on-Shop locations
  • Strong Partnerships with Suppliers
  • Unique items
  • Strong Advisory Board
  • Expansion Plan

Our Brands

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Our Locations


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